Tuesday, June 28, 2011

McDonald's brings back the Asian Salad - Facebook Contest!!!

Some of you might remember last year (maybe the year before), McDonald's added the Asian salad to their menu.  When I was on the hardcore dieting wagon, I was eating these things like someone was going to take them away.  360 calories including the chicken and dressing!  Then BOOM - they did take them away.  I had no idea they were seasonal.  Lucky for me, they're back.  Lucky for YOU, McD's sent me some freebie coupons to let me eaters try them out.

Here's how I'm going to do this:
The next five people to send me one or more new fans on Facebook get the coupons. Easiest way to accomplish this is by clicking "Share" on the bottom left menu when you go to the FvF Facebook page.  Make sure you tell your pals to post on the FvF wall that you sent'em (or you won't win, dummy)!

You may be wondering how to participate if you're not a fan of FvF on Facebook.  In that event, I might be wondering what the hell your problem is.  Not on Facebook at all?  You probably have an abacus or water wheel to tend to, so don't even worry about these delicious salads.  There's no better venue for the giveaway than ol' Facebook, considering this page is what likely prompted them to bring it back in the first place.


le seestor said...

Oh, I see you fave sweet chili sauce is back, too. bring on the nugs!

Anonymous said...

my friend and I were just reminiscing the other day about when McDonald's had those "McSalad Shakers" They make so much sense! shame they never caught on...oh memories...

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