Tuesday, February 1, 2011

BW3 - Troy, Ohio

A few weeks ago, I made the mistake of not reading the fine print on Groupon and ended up with a $20 gift certificate to BW3 in Troy.  The nice part is, I used my Groupon Bucks for it, so free food is still free food. What's a tiny road trip for some free wings?  Aside from my mildly retarded GPS, it was pretty easy to get to and find.  That reminds me:  A traffic circle Troy?  Really?  At least we got a laugh by yelling, "Look kids, Big Ben! Parliament!" 

We didn't think things through very well on this at all, considering we ended up going on a big game day.  The only time I seem to find myself near football is when there are large quantities of free snacks involved, so this wasn't exactly a huge departure.  We waited about 10-15 minutes for a table before the incredibly apathetic hostess finally seated us.  Thankfully, our server was a lot more approachable and attentive.  

We ordered some fried pickles as an app, but devoured them before I thought of taking a photo.  They were good, but I still have a hard time finding anything that even comes close to the panko & parmesan-breaded pickled at DoubleDays Grille in Centerville.  I ordered the Naked Tenders with Spicy Garlic sauce and slaw, and the Mister opted for his usual wings with Asian Zing.  If you slathered that stuff all over Sarah Jessica Parker's big ol' foot face, he'd probably still lick it off.  

My tenders were good.  Cooked well, as it's easy to ruin and overcook grilled chicken (not that I've ever done it, of course).  It's grilled chicken with little seasoning - it's not monumental, so there's not much commentary needed here.  The Spicy Garlic sauce, however, was FOUL.  So salty that I felt my wedding ring tighten after the first bite.  even aside from salty, I couldn't keep eating it since I'm allergic to nasty.  The waitress gladly obliged my request for another sauce, too.  Not wanting to fuss over it, I just picked something totally pedestrian like Honey BBQ, which was also just fine.  Nothing to write home about.  The cole slaw would have been great if it were dressed a bit more heavily.  It wasn't dairy-based, but a sweet vinaigrette, which I've grown pretty fond of.  But, you could only taste a tiny bit of it, because the cabbage was almost bone dry.  
Mr. FvF loved his Asian Zing wings as much as he always does, and broke a sweat about half way through.  If I could get my heat tolerance up just a smidge more, that's what I'd be ordering.  I'm a huge fan of sweet chili sauces (Frank's, Bahn Mai, and even the philistine in me wishes McDonald's would bring theirs back), but B-dub's Asian Zing is just too much of a kick in the nards for me at this point.  

I'll give it a solid 3 out of 5 sporks.  I wasn't impressed, but I wasn't grossed out, either.  BW3 probably just isn't my thing.  


Anonymous said...

have you ever made it to a "buffalo wings and rings"? miles better wings!

Vizz said...

Haven't, but I keep meaning to get around to it. Heard noting but good things so far.

Anonymous said...

Doubledays pickles are easy to make. I think being simple makes them great.

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