Sunday, September 19, 2010

Slyder's Tavern - Dayton, Ohio

There wasn't a lick of food in the house once we got back from Mexico, so we rode out the last of our gift cards and hit Slyder's for an early-bird dinner on Saturday. The Mister had never been there, and it'd been a good 2 years since I'd been. I opted for the patty melt, while he chose the bacon cheeseburger with fries. Our peach of a waitress also informed us that draft mini pitchers were only $3 and wings were just 40 cents each, so we threw in an order for both of those as well.

Mr. FvF loved his burger, and said the jumbo sized wings were top notch. The fries were just okay, but seemed of the frozen variety.

My patty melt was ridiculously massive and delicious. By far the biggest burger I've ever seen on a patty melt, and probably the best I've ever had. The rye bread it's served on was fantastic, the onions were soft & fragrant, and the whole thing was just swimming in melted Swiss.
Service was tops, as it usually is in these little local joints. Our waitress knew the menu enough to help me decide between two sandwiches and give recommendations. The manager also went around checking on tables and making sure folks were well taken care of. Food arrived around 10 minutes after we ordered, and our glasses (and pitcher) were never empty. So, for two burgers with fries (and chips), two mini pitchers and a small order of wings, we squeezed out of there for under $25 before tip. Total win.
I should add that Slyder's has killer onion rings, but since I was already loading up on them with my sandwich, I was trying not to totally gross out my new onion-hating husband.

5 out of 5 sporks!

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