Thursday, February 18, 2010

Table Scraps 2/18/10

Still nothing terribly exciting to report. Mr. FvF and I are buckling down a bit in order to save up for the wedding and the Mexican fiesta that will follow, so we're cutting down a bit on dining out. We've cut some corners on catering cost, but Christopher's has been great to work with us. After going in to meet with their catering manager again tonight and trying some of their pies, we've also decided they'll be making our wedding pies. That's right, pie. $500 cakes are for jerks and lesbians. That said, here are this week's table scraps!
  • McDonald's has a new dippin' sauce called Sweet Chili. I've yet to try it, but it's limited edition during the 2010 Winter Olympics - so, get while the gettin's good, lunchbox.
  • Today I had lunch at Fleming's, and I really shouldn't complain, because - well, it's free lunch at Fleming's. But, the only option besides bottom-of-the-bowl salad was a seafood pasta salad. However, I dind't know this until I'd piled some on my plate and took a big bite. As I think I've mentioned, I'm NOT a seafood fan - but that's not what bothered me. What bothered me is there was zero notation that this contained shellfish, which tons of people are allergic to.
  • At another luncheon, I scored a gift card to Logan's Roadhouse. I've heard the place is assy, but they serve a steak with beer-carmelized onions on the bottom and beer-battered onion straws on top. How bad can it really be?
  • Finally tried Burger King's Funnel Cake Fries, and hoooooo-boy, what a disappointment! They're about as appetizing as a mouthful of sand, but without the beach and greased-up cabana boys that usually accompany such a thing. Imagine, if you will, their French toast sticks cut into small slivers, fried again in the same oil, dusted with powdered sugar, allowed to cool just enough to get stale, and served with a dip-able icing that tastes like lard and more powdered sugar. Hopefully they can pick themselves up and dust themselves off with this new Cupcake milkshake that I keep hearing so much about (mainly because my friend Ginger swears it will be her demise).
  • In a heartbreaking turn of events, I came home to big footprints through the two feet of snow in my previously untouched backyard, to find that the cable company - after 6 moves and 12 years - finally realized their programming mistake and disconnected my basic cable. I'll have take a queue from my good friend Billiam and start watching Good Eats on the webbernets like a regular poor person.
  • In the near future, my readers are going to witness the marriage of two truly amazing creatures. No, I'm not referring to my upcoming nuptials. What I'm talking about here involves a lot more artery-clogging goodness. Food vs. Face will soon be teaming up with Man-b-Que to bring you even more coverage of meat, meat, and God help us - MORE MEAT.
  • In a feat that amazed even me, I scored a hell of a deal on emergency groceries earlier this week. Monday surprised Southern Ohio with another metric shit-ton of snow, so I ran out at 7 a.m. to grab some dinner items for the week before heading to work. I got all of the ingredients for beef stroganoff, tacos, meatballs, and anniversary chicken for $17. Butcher order and all. Then Mr. FvF reminded me that if you really think about the word "stroganoff," it's fucking hilarious.


Lauren said...

Hey, that McD's sweet chili sauce is strikingly similar looking to a sweet chili sauce I get from Trader Joe's, which I put on EVERYTHING because it's frakking delicious.

Also, I can get REAL funnel cake fries from my work, I think it's $35 for a GIANT CASE of them, which I once bought and divided among some co-workers (ended up splitting it 5 ways, $7 a completely stuffed gallon sized Ziplock freezer bag)

Andraxx said...

I liked those funnel cake sticks, but I also like pretty much anything with icing. So yeah.

Unknown said...

I've still been fighting off the cupcake milkshake urge. Hey, I've got approximately 16 days until I'm in a tropical climate. I can't afford to scarf down almost 700 calories in one sitting. But Matt is just as intrigued with it as I am, and yet has none of the body image issues. So I'll have him let you know how it is. I've heard a lot of people say it tastes like an egg nog shake.

Vizz said...

An egg nog shake? Well, then I'm not missing much, since I don't dig on the nog. If I want a big cup of fail, I'll just head to UDF for a peanut butter-chocolate malt.

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